HR Advisory

TalentBridge HR Advisory partners with our clients to provide locally delivered solutions with global reach.

We offer a comprehensive set of HR Advisory solutions

We provide expertise determining the right assessment for you and your organization. We have access to hundreds of different assessment tools and techniques to assess your culture, your leadership, and your development opportunities.

Leader Onboarding

Allow us to position your new leaders for success moving forward and ensure that they are intentional in their leadership at the outset of their role with our onboarding coaching. Our Leader Onboarding Strategy accelerates time to contribute, reduces turnover, and maximizes return on investment.

Leadership Development

Leveraging your key talent is the fastest way to maximize return on investment in your people. We partner with your leadership team to identify opportunities to propel your high potential employees to the next level.

Executive Coaching

TalentBridge's executive coaches collaborate with senior executives to assess and prioritize talent management strategies to align with your organizational goals.

Career Transition

Successful transition programs also reduce potential litigation, lead to faster time-to-land with impacted employees, and enhance relations with remaining employees and the community at large. Our transition services help displaced employees from anxiety about their present situation to successfully navigating their career transition.

HR Consulting

Our certified HR professionals offer experience in all functional areas of human resources from a wide variety of industry backgrounds. We understand the pressures of your job and we invite you to use us an extension of your department for consulting, special projects, and part-time support.

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What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • My Career Coach is the best! She motivated me during the first workshop and met one-on-one with me. I have received great reviews regarding my resume. My Coach showed compassion during this time of uncertainty and kept my attention the entire time.
  • My Career Coach is a fantastic person who helped me keep my mental state clear and focused. Consistently referencing the program workbook, my Coach helped me build the tools I needed to create my network. She also made me aware of methods of networking that aren’t necessarily in the book, which was great. I looked forward to each meeting for a boost in confidence and motivation. Thank you!
  • My career coach was outstanding to work with. She was quickly able to assess my situation, and ensured that I thought through all potential scenarios during this very important period in my career. This time can be very stressful and emotional, a difficult frame of mind to make clear decisions. Angie was very aware of that dynamic, and was excellent at keeping me grounded while at the same time showing the appropriate level of empathy and understanding.
  • TalentBridge HR Advisory gave me the tools and confidence to help me find and land my new position. I had been with the same company for 22 years and it was difficult to know where to begin my job search. My Career Coach was my cheerleader and most importantly, he was dialed in with the tools that I needed to land my new job. TalentBridge HR Advisory made a difference for me.
  • I had been with the same company for 9 years; 9 years since I had looked for a job at another company. Losing my job was a bit daunting and I wasn't sure where to start, but the TalentBridge HR Advisory program offered an organized, step-by-step actionable plan to get back into the job market again. The resume building workshop was most beneficial to me. I completely overhauled my resume and feel much more confident in how it represents my career history and strengths.
  • My Coach was what I needed during my career transition. She coached me through all the stages of my acceptance of change and helped me see the vast amount of possibilities.
  • My consultant has been very professional and responsive. He has done a great job of validating those aspects of the job search process that I already have been through several times in my career. He also provided an upbeat, positive attitude, which has been motivating.
    Greg H.Healthcare Executive
  • My Career Coach was very encouraging and helpful during this process. She made the transition process less scary. Her assistance with the resume, cover letter and LinkedIn was invaluable. She was always willing to help.
    Rosalind G.Logistics Executive
  • I felt very confident in the skills of all the people I dealt with during this process. Once I had met with people at TalentBridge, I was never really worried about not landing a job. I took this opportunity to change my career path. This was overall a very positive experience for me and working with Talent Bridge was easy, comfortable and helped me to feel confident in the overall process.
  • Testimonial for site: People who have been out of the job search market find the program invaluable. My resume was considered pretty decent by my peers and friends, but thanks to my Coach, it turned it into a professional marketing tool. I visited several recruiters who commented on how well-prepared my resume was.
    Diane M.Logistics Executive
  • I was blessed to have two wonderful and talented Career Coaches. I am very grateful to have been given this service and for the help of such experienced coaches. I used the workbook provided almost every day in the early stages and still use it as a reference guide.
    Michael P.Logistics Executive
  • I couldn't be happier with my experience with TalentBridge HR Advisory. I firmly believe that I would not have received the offer I did without the guidance, support, and training that I was given by this organization. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to receive the service package I received. I have contacted my former employer to tell them of my appreciation, and to communicate the value of the services provided. Many thanks!
    Amy P.Healthcare Executive
  • My coaching sessions offered great materials and information about networking. My Career Coach was helpful and responded to my emails in a timely fashion. It was the best sessions that I experienced since my former employer started offshoring.
    Kimi Y.Logistics Expert
  • My Career Coach’s guidance, support, honesty and realistic expectations on salary were invaluable. Her pep talks and checking in on me gave me a confidence boost and seemed to always be right when I needed it most. Thanks to my Coach and TalentBridge HR Advisory for getting me through a very difficult job transition.
    Martha C.Logistics Executive
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