How does your pay stack up in Charlotte?

Curious what folks are making in Charlotte, NC? Charlotte Agenda just released these Pay Day Findings and some of them are real eye-openers!

Entry level investment banking analyst: average base salary of $82,500 with a bonus of $51,500

Bank Senior Vice President: average annual bonus of $43,475

Investment Banking Managing Director: average annual bonus of $475,000

Nurses: average salary of $51,249

Healthcare VPs: average salary of $270,000

Surgeons: average salary of $950,000

Social media managers: average salary of $53,000

Marketing Managers: average salary of $75,000

Tech VPs: average salary of $187,333 base with a $70,167 bonus.

Teachers: average salary of $42,400

Average associate: average salary of $134,318 with a $5,631 annual bonus

Partners: average total compensation of $300,000

Merchandise Assistants: average salary of $35,940

Retail Directors: average salary of $123,000

Management Consultant: average salary of $109,400 base with an annual bonus of $15,550

Development Managers: average salary of $43,000

Executive Directors: average salary of $88,000

Food & Beverage / Hospitality:
Average General Manager: average salary is $84,200 base with a $20,900 annual bonus

Real Estate:
Broker: average salary of $1.1 million with a $100,000 bonus

Senior Vice President: average salary of $300,000 base, with a $365,000 annual bonus

Associate Architects: average salary of $67,125

VP: total average compensation is $179,666

After seeing these numbers, do you think you should be earning more? Want to change careers? Why not get in touch with a recruiter today and go over your options!

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